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Principal’s Pen – Resilience

Dear Parents, Continuing on with our discussion from the previous College Journal, here are some strategies to help promote resilience in our children.   Support Self-Management 1. Help your chil ...
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Athletics Carnival

We all had a great day on Tuesday at our Athletics Carnival. We were blessed with a beautiful day and a good competition between the houses. Phillippi took out the trophy for 2014 and Colossia won the ...
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Year 7 ICT

Students in year 7 completed advertisements for The West Australian’s ‘Design An Ad Competition’. Companies such as AQWA, RAC, Sizzler, Perth Zoo, Crunch & Sip, SunSmart, Keep Australia Beautiful ...
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TKC Junior School Students

School Fun Run

Well done to all students who participated in the Fun Run. It was a great effort. Thank you very much to all the students who handed in their forms on time. You can expect your prizes soon! Unfortunat ...
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Feb 2015

Whole School Assembly

Thursday, February 19 at 8:45 pm - 9:45 pm

our next school assembly is:
Thursday, February 19

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Jakarta Ministry Trip 2014

Our Cert IV students returned last week from their Ministry Trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. Words can’t describe how amazing the experience of this trip was. We met with our sister school, El Shaddai ...

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Indonesian Trip 2013

  Six Year 11 Students from The King’s College went to Jakarta for a ministry trip during the term three holidays. The students ministered with Ps James to students at the ...

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Lending A Helping Hand

At any swimming carnival there will be students of all sorts of swimming ability. From strong swimmers to relative novices it is important to have a program that caters for ...

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2012 Canberra and Thredbo Trip

In 2012 TKC took 17 students, 2 staff and 2 adult helpers on an interstate trip to Canberra and NSW. The following highlights were written by Mr Aidan Davies, who ...

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Life is Excellent Exo Day Festival

Recently a group of Students from The King's College in Wellard ran a lunchtime festival called Exo Day. The message of Exo Day is that "Life is Excellent". To celebrate ...

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TKC Students Remember

Remembrance Day is acknowledging those who have died or suffered as a result of conflict. It is staggering to think of how many lives have been lost because of war ...

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