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Swimming Carnival

Our recent swimming carnival was a huge success. Well done to all competitors for a having a go and to the students for supporting their house and helping to make a great day. A huge thanks to Mr Davies who put in many hours to make it all happen. Below are just a few pictures of the day.  ...
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Emergency Services Cadets

I am very pleased to announce that the College has 46 students who are active members of the Emergency Services Cadet Corp in 2015. The training schedule for this year will focus on the following –  Map Reading  Team Building  Basic First Aid  Drill  Camping Skills  Mountain Bike Riding  High Intensity Interval Fitness Training  Strategies for Positive Mental Health  Rock Climbing The Emergency Services Cadet Corps would like to welcome Miss Harper to the unit. She has joined Mrs. Kellett and myself as instructors in the corps. Applications for joining the Emergency Services Cadets have now closed. Limited positions might become available in Semester 2. May God continue to bless our efforts as we to work together to be a shining light in the community. - Mr Guppy ...
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Vikings, Raids and Voyages

For nearly 300 years, from the end of the eighth century AD until around 1100, the Vikings set out from Scandinavia on raids and voyages of discovery and colonization across the northern world. With that in mind, several students in the Year 8 History class embarked on a research task to create and build a Viking ship. Some of the ships were fitted with oars, a sail and masts that were good enough to set sail. Well done, Year 8s! ...
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A big congratulations to AJ Nell, Balin Probert-Grieve and Adam Thornhill who have been selected for this year’s Imen Project. Sehaj Johal, Ebony Pavlov and Kasha Rawiri have also been successful in becoming this year’s Iwomen. The Iproject provides students with an opportunity to work together and share experiences. They will participate in workshops including: social media, preparation of a resume, mock interviews, developing journals, group activities and presentations. The Program is open to Year 10 students and involves spending 6 days off campus visiting a range of working environments, meeting current employees and experiencing their working day. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience local workforces and reflect on their possible future involvement in industry. I look forward to sharing their experiences with you in the near future.   ...
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Feb 2015

Term 1

Monday, February 2 - Thursday, April 2 at 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Apr 2015

Term 2

Tuesday, April 21 - Friday, July 3 at 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Jul 2015

Term 3

Wednesday, July 22 - Friday, September 25 at 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Oct 2015

Term 4

Tuesday, October 13 - Wednesday, December 9 at 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

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Jakarta Ministry Trip 2014

Our Cert IV students returned last week from their Ministry Trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. Words can’t describe how amazing the experience of this trip was. We met with our sister school, El Shaddai ...

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Indonesian Trip 2013

  Six Year 11 Students from The King’s College went to Jakarta for a ministry trip during the term three holidays. The students ministered with Ps James to students at the ...

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Lending A Helping Hand

At any swimming carnival there will be students of all sorts of swimming ability. From strong swimmers to relative novices it is important to have a program that caters for ...

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2012 Canberra and Thredbo Trip

In 2012 TKC took 17 students, 2 staff and 2 adult helpers on an interstate trip to Canberra and NSW. The following highlights were written by Mr Aidan Davies, who ...

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Life is Excellent Exo Day Festival

Recently a group of Students from The King's College in Wellard ran a lunchtime festival called Exo Day. The message of Exo Day is that "Life is Excellent". To celebrate ...

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TKC Students Remember

Remembrance Day is acknowledging those who have died or suffered as a result of conflict. It is staggering to think of how many lives have been lost because of war ...

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