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We are a Christian School for students from Pre Kindy – Year 12. For over 30 years we have been training students for a life of significance by providing students a safe environment to learn and grow.

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For Pre Kindy, Kindy and Pre Primary Students.


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Our Junior School is for years 1-6.


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Our Secondary School is for years 7-12.


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30th Anniversary Celebrations

2016 marks the 30th year of The King’s College. We have a number of special events planned.

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Principal’s Pen

Raising kind and caring children is a strong focus of The King’s College. As Principal, I have lost count of the number of times I have spoken to students, teachers and parents about my desire to train up kind and compassionate students at our school. For me personally, kindness is one of the most important attributes an individual can possess. There are enough mean, angry people in the world and this College is determined to produce graduates who are the exact opposite. Who are instead good, kind and compassionate citizens who are a blessing to the wider community. Here are some more ways we can teach our children to be kind. 1. Model kindness yourself. Kindness can be contagious: when we see someone else perform an act of kindness, we are more likely to feel an impulse to help out, too. Research suggests that altruistic children have at least one parent who deliberately communicates altruistic values to their kids. Similarly, when preschoolers have nurturing caregivers who deliberately model helping others, they tend to be more helpful and verbally sympathetic to other children when they hurt themselves. 2. Make kids personally responsible in some way. Four to thirteen year olds who ...
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Chaplaincy Feedback

The King’s College has a successful Chaplaincy program. Our Chaplain, Ps James provides pastoral care for students and promotes biblical values to the College Community through Chapel Services and Leadership programs. This program is funded in part by the National Schools Chaplaincy Program (NSCP). It is important to note that whilst excellent pastoral care is provided through the program, parents can opt out of the one on one pastoral care contact with their child. This means their child will not receive any one on one pastoral care from Ps James should the need arise. To opt out of the service please go here and fill out the form: www.tkc.wa.edu.au/chaplaincyprogram. This page also provides parents with an opportunity to provide feedback about the Chaplaincy program ...
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Bake Sale

In Australia, we are extremely blessed and even the least fortunate of us are better off than those in some other countries. As a group, we have been sympathising with the people of Nagaland in India. We sent cards to them last Christmas, telling them that we are thinking of them and praying for them. This year, we want to do something more to help them. To give you an idea, the majority of the families in the village communities survive on less than 50 cents per day (for the whole family). This is why, as a class, we have decided to hold a bake sale to help raise money for the Bethel Children’s home that is opening in January 2016, in Tuensang, Nagaland. This will assist Pastor Throngji and his wife, Ayangala with the education and care of many orphaned and abandoned children, children who can only dream of the opportunities that we take for granted. We encourage you, we plead with you to help assist us with this very, very worthy cause. On December 4th, our class will be selling various cakes, biscuits (including some gluten and dairy free), cans and even some healthy, delicious, homemade ice-cream. If ...
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Principal’s Pen

Dear Parents, The King’s College Orientation Day on Thursday 26 November saw more than 50 new students spend a morning at the College getting to know their teachers and classmates. One of the most common questions I get asked this time of year often has to do with staffing....basically who is teaching what in 2016. The vast majority of schools do not release this information until the start of next year. The King’s College however, has worked extremely hard to set in place its teaching structure for 2016. THE KING’S COLLEGE TEACHING STAFF - 2016 Principal - Mr. Aaron Guppy Head of Secondary - Mr. Simon Karginoff Head of Primary - Miss Jessica Clarke Head of Curriculum - Miss Hazel Pannell Chaplain - Ps. James Alviani Kindergarten (Group A) - Miss Jessica D’Silva Kindergarten (Group B) - Mrs. Amanda Kingdon Pre-Primary - TBA Year 1 - Miss Elizabeth Vogel Year 2 - Miss Jessica Clarke Year 3 - Mrs. Tracy Fulwood Year 4 - Mrs. Lyndsay Smith Year 5 - Mr. Joshua Chan Year 6 - Mr. John Vander Ven Kindergarten Education Assistant - Mrs. Jenny Pearson Pre-Primary Education Assistant - Miss Toni Hartley Year 1 & Year 2 Education ...
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