Authentic Christian Education

The King’s College is an Independent Christian School that follows an authentically Christian practice of education.

Christian values – an integral part of the school

At TKC Christian values are the hallmark of our school – not disconnected from the school community, but embedded in all aspects of daily life. Values such as grace, integrity, acceptance, and respect for one another are key to ensuring the richness of relationships at The King’s College.

Our policies and practices are consistent with these values, ensuring that minds can be stimulated in a compassionate learning community of mutual respect and care.

Creating a sense of community

The King’s College has created an environment of learning that nurtures the individual, and connects them with the community they are a part of.

Every member – student, parent, staff member – forms part of our valued community. We embed TKC’s high standards of pastoral care and foster individual standards of excellence and life skills.

We equip our students to respect their needs, to walk in fellowship with those that walk beside them, to embrace different cultures, and to take lifelong friendships and foundations with them as they step into their future. We remain the family foundation for all our students – past, present and future.

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