Recently a group of Students from The King’s College in Wellard ran a lunchtime festival called Exo Day. The message of Exo Day is that “Life is Excellent”. To celebrate this message the students organised a bouncy castle, talent show, games, a live band and a guest speaker.

Year 10 student Leah Walker who helped organise the event with the help of the School Chaplain said she and a group of students got together and decided to run Exo Day because of their Christian Faith:

“We ran Exo Day because we wanted other students to experience the hope of our faith and make it real to them.”

Guest speaker John Mezbourian gave a powerful message of how he went from a life of emptiness and at risk behaviour to a life of hope and helping others. Students were inspired by the message and were impacted by the positive message of the day.

“I loved Exo Day because the guest speaker was really interesting and the day made me feel good about my future” – Ashley yr8

“Exo Day was a really motivating day and was great because all the students were encouraging each other during the talent show” – Jordan y12

Exo Day was made possible by the generous financial support of AusStar Plumbing ( and Celsius Air Conditioning (

Congratulations to the Prefects and Ps James on the outstanding EXO Day last Friday afternoon.


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