Learning Centres

The King’s College has three learning centres. Each learning centre has a separate mandate and focus, based on the age of students and their primary needs during that chapter of their educational journey.

Please click on the links below for further information, and to meet the Head for each learning centre.

The Early Years: Pre-Kindergarten –  Pre-School

A stimulating environment with creative learning experiences for students aged 3 – 6, where we focus on confidence building and developing positive self-esteem.


  • Offering a variety of learning experiences
  • Providing a stimulating environment
  • Confidence building and collaboration
Find out more about the Early Learning Centre



Junior School – Years: 1-6

Empowering excellence, cooperation and participation for students in Years 1 – 6, where we focus on individual strengths to build on their academic foundation.


  • Creative processes
  • Academic achievement
  • Cooperation
Find out more about the Junior School



Senior School – Years: 7-12

An educational experience where students in Years 7 – 12 are supported to reach their full potential. We aim to deliver an educational experience that provides a platform for life.


  • Leading a life of significance
  • Self management
  • Preparation for a future role
  • Career guidance
Find out more about the Senior School

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