Week seven was an enjoyable afternoon for the Year 1-4 students. Year 9 students took part in a simulation of a World War One trench warfare battle. Every student had their own Nerf gun with plenty of ammo and teams took turns to attack the opposing trench line in order to capture the flag and win the battle. Students all around The King’s College gathered around to watch the set up, attempted to ‘borrow’ nerf guns (much to Mr Hoffmann’s dismay) and declared Mr Hoffmann the “coolest teacher ever”, to which Mr Hoffman stated it “may have exaggerated his already inflated sense of importance”.

The students had a great time and learned valuable lessons about the tactics and conditions of trench warfare, as well as the futility of an attack on a trench line, it was an experience that will not be quickly forgotten. Mason Cusack was awarded a medal of honor for being the only student to reach the opposing trench line and capture the flag without taking a hit. It was a fun afternoon and we look forward to holding the event again next year, as well as possibly applying the concept to Year 10 History as they study World War Two.

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