At any swimming carnival there will be students of all sorts of swimming ability. From strong swimmers to relative novices it is important to have a program that caters for all and gives students an opportunity to excel and be their best. The recent King’s College Swimming Carnival achieved this balance which is a credit to Physical Education Coordinator Aidan Davies. The event gave students of all age and ability an opportunity to excel, which many students did.

One student who excelled was Year 12 student Kristina Tait. As a strong swimmer she swam in most of the events for her age group and came close to winning Champion Senior Girl, a prize won by another excellent swimmer in Emily Rampant. But it wasn’t just in the senior swimming races where Kristina excelled.

During the junior races where some students of novice ability were struggling to make it across the pool, Kristina, of her own volition, jumped in and gave those students a helping hand. It was a great display of leadership and courage as she assisted students who may not have been the strongest swimmers, but were giving it a go anyway.


As the rest of the school looked on it was a very powerful image of how to lead and encourage others in the walk of life. The impact of the lesson would be hard to replicate in any classroom or chapel service. It was exactly the type of practical display of values the Kings Staff hope to instill into all students. Fittingly, Kristina was awarded the Individual Sportsmanship Award for the day. It was a small way of recognising just how important qualities like selflessness and compassion are in the journey of life.

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