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Music Program


Students in kindergarten and pre primary participate in music every week where they discover the great composers, develop singing skills, play instruments, and enjoy performing music.

TKC offers group piano lessons to all ELC students. Students in kindergarten start with musicianship lessons to develop fundamental music skills through discovery and play. The students learn to sing, use rhythms, play instruments in an ensemble and move to music. Piano lessons are then offered when the students reach pre-primary and year one.

Junior school

Junior School students participate in weekly class music sessions, as well as an ensemble session. Years 1 – 4 students participate in a choral ensemble, developing an understanding of reading and writing music through the experience of making music.

Years 5 & 6 learn the recorder to put their music reading skills into practice. Students who already play an instrument are encouraged to play their instrument in the ensemble.

Secondary school

Years 7 – 9 students learn how to read, write, compose, and perform music. Singing is an integral part our classroom learning. Students are also encouraged to use instruments such as xylophones, keyboards and percussion to put music concepts into practice.

Specialist music program

Our Specialist Program includes:

  • Weekly instrumental lessons,
  • Literature, theory and aural lessons, exploring the classics in Western music
  • Performance – individual and group
  • Excursions to professional performances.

Personal Piano Tuition at TKC

Instrumental lessons

The college currently offers lessons for piano, voice, classical guitar and drums. Students receive a thirty minute lesson during school time each week. Students sit a practical exam each semester and are encouraged to perform and sit AMEB exams.

Concerts and performances

TKC hosts Concerts, Piano Recitals, and Instrumental Music Workshops. Friends and family are invited to attend these events.

TKC’s future music program

TKC’s aim is to host an extensive music program catering for our students needs – whether they prefer classical, pop, rock or jazz. TKC’s current focus is developing choral groups and an instrumental program. The instruments presently include rock band instruments, but will grow to include brass and woodwind. The goal for our music teacher Ms Gillian Archer is to develop a concert band program, guitar ensemble, and a jazz band.

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