Dear Parents, As part of a plan by the College Executive to assist our students in reaching their full potential, we have developed a relationship with Elevate Education to provide a series of workshops, which focus on developing study skills that will assist student learning. Elevate will run sessions for students in Years 7-12, as well as a session for parents to help facilitate better study skills at home.

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the Elevate sessions

Who conducts the sessions? Elevate employs and trains young presenters who have recently faced (and aced) middle and high school. Speaking the students’ language, they can engage the students on their level. By drawing on their own personal stories and experiences, they give the skills an unmatchable immediacy.

How are the workshops run? Elevate seminars are conducted within schools in small, class-sized groups that encourage students to get involved and ask questions, ensuring that they get the most out of the program. Dependent on the size of the school or year level, Elevate can either send out a team of presenters to conduct the sessions in multiple classrooms simultaneously, or run the sessions with classes across a day, or multiple days.

How many sessions? Elevate runs programs in short, sharp, focused sessions which maximise student attention spans. By breaking the sessions up and spreading them throughout the year or across a number of year levels, students have the opportunity to review, build and develop the skills one at a time. For example, we may organise a session on personal organisation in Term 1, a session on time management in Term 2, a session on motivation in Term 3, or a session on test preparation in Term 4.

Is it just a one-off? Elevate knows that study habits and skills aren’t built in an hour – they are built through constant practice. It is for this reason that every Elevate study skills program includes the Teacher Implementation Kit. This teacher kit has been designed in conjunction with our 1,500 international client schools in order to provide teachers with a range of strategies to follow up and reinforce the seminars. Are the programs data-driven? Elevate seminars are based on 14 years of ongoing research into the habits of the top students. Developed from the findings of this research, the seminars provide students with simple and practical skills which have already been proven to work for students and that can be used immediately.

How can teachers or parents support the program? Elevate recommends that each program is coupled with teacher training and parent workshops to ensure the skills are reviewed and reinforced in the classroom and at home.

The Elevate program will be implemented in Term 3 as follows –

  • Elevate Education Kick Start Program (Years 7 – 9) 10 August 2015 (1.00pm to 2.00pm)
  • Elevate Education Kick Start Program (Years 10 – 12) 24 August 2015 (1.00pm to 2.00pm)
  • Elevate Education Parent Education Seminar (Years 7-12) 24 August 2015 (6.00pm to 7.00pm)

Further sessions will be run for secondary students in Term 4 and throughout 2016. We are also seeking to provide workshops for upper-primary children, to help prepare them for high school. If you have any questions about this very exciting initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Miss Pannell.

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