Dear Parents,
The King’s College Orientation Day on Thursday 26 November saw more than 50 new students spend a morning at the College getting to know their teachers and classmates. One of the most common questions I get asked this time of year often has to do with staffing….basically who is teaching what in 2016. The vast majority of schools do not release this information until the start of next year. The King’s College however, has worked extremely hard to set in place its teaching structure for 2016.
Principal – Mr. Aaron Guppy
Head of Secondary – Mr. Simon Karginoff
Head of Primary – Miss Jessica Clarke
Head of Curriculum – Miss Hazel Pannell Chaplain – Ps. James Alviani
Kindergarten (Group A) – Miss Jessica D’Silva
Kindergarten (Group B) – Mrs. Amanda Kingdon Pre-Primary – TBA Year 1 – Miss Elizabeth Vogel
Year 2 – Miss Jessica Clarke
Year 3 – Mrs. Tracy Fulwood
Year 4 – Mrs. Lyndsay Smith
Year 5 – Mr. Joshua Chan Year 6 – Mr. John Vander Ven
Kindergarten Education Assistant – Mrs. Jenny Pearson
Pre-Primary Education Assistant – Miss Toni Hartley
Year 1 & Year 2 Education Assistant – Miss Donna Hartley Science Laboratory Technician – Mrs. Deb Wolfenden
Year 7 Form – Mr. Aidan Davies Year 8 Form – Mr. Chris Dawson & Mr. Aaron Guppy Year 9 Form – Mrs. Zoe Beringer & Mrs. Karen Dawes Year 10 Form – Mr. Joshua Hoffmann & Mr. Simon Karginoff Year 11 Form – Mrs. Karin Au & Mr. Simon Karginoff Year 12 Form – Miss Hazel Pannell
Mathematics & Careers – Miss Victoria Harper
Drama /Art – Miss Maree Stedul Physical Education / Science – Mr. Joshua East
Technology – Mrs. Diane Higgins
Visual Arts – Mrs. Joanne Thomas Literacy Support Teacher – Mrs. Yvette Holmes
Indonesian – Miss Keri-Lyn Fayers
We continue to pray for Mrs. Kellett as she embarks on 12 months Maternity Leave and we seek God’s travelling mercies for Mr. Lucas as he takes 12 months leave to live and work in London. I look forward to the day when both Mrs. Kellett and Mr. Lucas return to The King’s College family. Mrs. Sandie Smith has also officially announced her retirement after 30 years of faithful service at The King’s College. Mrs. Smith has been the salt and light of this College in many different roles and it will be a very sad day when we farewell her at the Presentation Night on the last day of school for 2015.
Due to our continued growth, the College has also had to employ several new members of staff, who I will introduce to you in future correspondence. The staff of The King’s College are our greatest asset and you would have to travel a very long way to find a group of teachers who are more dedicated to the task of providing quality Christian Education.

Have a very blessed Christmas.
Mr. Aaron Guppy

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