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In 2016, The King’s College celebrates its 30th Anniversary! During those thirty years the College has guided students to develop strong academic foundations, a passion for learning and a commitment to doing life as a vital member of the wider community. The King’s College has evolved from its humble beginnings in 1986, when it was established by Pastor Gerry and Maureen McCoy at Sloan’s Cottage, a National Trust building in Leda.

The school then moved to a building in Medina in 1987, where facilities were shared with Freeway Church. In 1991, The King’s College moved to its present location in Wellard. The property the school is now on spans twenty six acres, providing ample room for growth.

A walk back through time shows that The King’s College has embraced changing times, while still retaining its strong Christian values. As we continue to grow, the challenge for us as a school community is to provide relevant learning environments for the future. With an enrolment exceeding 400 students in 2016, The King’s College is embarking on the most substantial building project in the history of our school.

A new classroom block will be established in first term to provide new learning spaces for our students, increased storage space, as well as teacher preparation facilities for our staff. Work on a new Administration building will commence early this year. The building will act as a proud landmark, featuring state-of-the art design features and technology. The third phase of expansion involves the repurposing of the existing Administration building into a classroom for our Early Learning Centre. All of these initiatives provide unique environments where staff and students have every opportunity to realise their God-given potential, passions and purpose in life.

Our proud heritage and partnership with Freeway Church, work together to continue the strong commitment we have to providing quality Christian education in the wider communities of Kwinana and Perth. Together, we will continue to build on what has already been achieved, to provide the best possible opportunities for all our students, both present and future.

Mr Aaron Guppy

Principal, The King’s College

Mr Aaron Guppy

Principal, The King’s College

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