During the first weeks of Term 1 Mr Newby and I have been looking at the YEAR 10 Work Experience program. As a consequence of this review we have agreed that the Work Experience which our Year 10 students undertake is an extremely worthwhile part of our curriculum. It gives students a taste of life in the ‘real world’ – the world of work. The work experience program is often the first time young people venture out into the workplace. Some others may already have some experience of the world of work as they have a casual job. The Work Experience program will continue in 2013.

All Year 10 students will participate in a week of work during the SECOND TO LAST WEEK of Term 2 – which is the LAST WEEK IN JUNE – from MONDAY 24 JUNE to FRIDAY 28 JUNE. This is an alteration to when the program has been run in previous years. Traditionally the College has had Year 10 students go out on Work Experience during the last week of Term 2.

So, why have we decided to make these changes?

By bringing the Year 10 Work Experience program forward by one week it signals to students, their parents and guardians as well as to teaching staff that the Work Experience program is an essential component of curriculum studies. In the past we have sent students out into the workplace in the last week of Term 2. Students then are away from school for another two weeks during the Term 2 holiday break. This means that the learning experience of being in the workplace is lost. This year students will complete an Oral Presentation and a Written Report based on their experiences at work during their English classes in the last week of Term 2 as part of their English program. In their English classes students will have the opportunity of demonstrating the Outcomes of English – Writing, Speaking and Listening – as well as communicating Real Life Experiences to their English Teacher and their peers.

It is important to understand that the Year 10 Work Experience week is part of the wider program that the College is currently developing. During the year our students in Year 10 will have the opportunity of attending several TRY-A-TRADE days. These days will give students a taste of trades such as Plumbing, Gas-fitting, Boiler-making, Welding, Carpentry & Joinery and Health & Beauty. Notification of these days will be given when these have been confirmed with the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who will administer these Trade Days.

The experience of the TRY-A-TRADE days has given many students an idea for a career. My own son, Peter decided on a career in Metals & engineering from his experiences out in the workplace while he was in Year 10. He decided, like some of our students who were in Year 10 last year, to go into a Vocational Education & Training (VET) program in Year 11 & 12 when students can study and train in a Certificate 11, 111 or 1V. These certificates are awarded for the successful completion of a Traineeship and can lead to gaining an Apprenticeship after leaving school.

This week we have posted Work Experience the documents to parents/guardians. We ask that the Return Slip as soon as possible please.

The return/signed slip must be handed to the YEAR 10 FORM TEACHER.

Thank you for your help with this.


\We believe that our students will greatly benefit from their week of Work Experience. Students are advised to start to plan where they will be going out into the workplace as soon as possible.

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