Year 10 Drama

Course and Assessment Overview 2019

Week Content Assessments

Term 1


Basic knowledge and skills in Drama

Introduction to Grotowski and Poor Theatre.

Looking at processes, techniques and conventions of Drama

Introduction of ‘Participation sheet’ to be kept by the student throughout the course and handed in at appointed time (30%)

Basic knowledge and skills in Drama

Introduce class to warm ups for body, voice, mind. Encouraging creativity in small group tasks and learning about group work through improvisation.


Poor Theatre

Read through Poor Theatre Conventions worksheet and brief discussion on key points.

Written work: Copy class brainstorm into books. What is the purpose of Poor Theatre?


Movement and gestures

Physical movement and gestures in Poor theatre.


Stage craft and props

Exploration of this in regards to Poor Theatre

Discussion on the spaces of performance


Spaces of performance

Poor Theatre can occur virtually anywhere. Exploration of own ideas and the spaces they can be performed in.


Audiences and symbols

Creating meaning in your own performances. Who are your target audience?

Poor theatre performance (20%)

Theatre of the Absurd

Introduction through exploration of several writers works.


Features of Absurd Theatre

Disconnection between characters, objects and lines in absurd theatre


Context and Viewpoints

Absurd theatre vs. other forms of theatre

Drama file submitted for assessment (30%)

Participation sheet handed in along with written work.

Term 2



Own vs. other artists


Performance and reviewing

Viewing others work and giving valuable, constructive criticism.

Theatre of the Absurd test (20%)

Conclusion to the course

Brainstorms on what has been taught, favourite parts of the course.


This document is subject to revision.

The Year 10 Syllabus for Drama can be found on the SCSA website.