Year 5 Humanities & Social Science

Course and Assessment Overview 2019

Week Content Assessments

Term 1


Introduction to Democracy

Define democracy and research key values that underpin Australia’s democracy

2 Present a visual display explaining Australia’s 4 key democratic values Visual display (15%)

The roles and responsibilities of electors and representatives in Australia’s democracy

Create list of roles and their responsibilities

4 Illustrate Australia and its leaders’ positions in the monarchy in a tree diagram Tree diagram (10%)
5 Research and plan procedural text explain federal electoral procedure  
6 Publish electoral procedure text Procedural text (10%)
7 Class discussion on rules in class, school, home, wider community, etc. Focus on cause and effect with paired consequences to a given misdemeanour  
8 Create persuasive poster advertising a new rule of their design. Significant portion of the message is the cause and its effect (consequence) Persuasive poster (15%)
9 Survey local area to ascertain volunteer opportunities within the City of Kwinana. Include target market and description about how the service contributes to the community  
10 Create visual display profiling one particular volunteer opportunity.  

Term 2


Revise First Fleet in class discussion

Write a summary paragraph outlining the important details of the journey

Summary paragraph (5%)
2 Create a comic strip of the First Fleet’s journey, including economic, political and social reasons for settling, as well as negative impacts  
3 Present comic strips to the class Comic strip & presentation (20%)
4 In pairs, conduct research to create a detailed European settlement timeline explaining why colonists set up near geographical features  
5 Create settlement timeline  

Environmental impacts of colonial settlements

Research one introduced plant or animal and describe its impact on Australia’s ecosystems

Impact summary (5%)
7 Conduct digital research on the events leading up to the Eureka Stockade  
8 Create a ‘digger diary’ depicting the hardships and struggles of daily life on the mines Digger diary (10%)
9 In pairs, build a PowerPoint presentation detailing one individual or group’s impact in shaping the Swan River colony  
10 Present slidehows to the class PowerPoint & presentation (10%)

Term 3


Define needs and wants in western society

Compare needs and wants in varying locales


Defining and categorising natural, human and capital resources

Natural resources located in Western Australia

3 Present visual display profile of one WA resource Visual display (15%)

Scarcity of resources – which resources

The effect of scarcity on resources (and the community’s response)

5 The role of advertising in shaping our wants and needs  

Factors affecting our purchase decisions

Analyse target markets and impacts of junk food advertisements

Advertisement analysis (15%)
7 Introduction to personal budgeting  

Analyse and create a personal household budget

(integrated with Mathematics studies)

Budget (20%)
9 Establishing sound money spending and saving habits  

Term 4


Proximity of North and South America in relation to Australia

Mapping major countries and cities in NA & SA

2 Research NA/SA climate, flora, fauna, landforms and famous sites  
3 Present research in a travel brochure Travel brochure (20%)

Human impact on landforms

Research human impacts on local (WA) sites due to clearing, urban development, erosion, mining, etc.

5 Create a protest placard discouraging further human impact of a chosen site  

Case study: Farming & land use in Western Australia

Identify how climate, landforms and vegetation affect land use

Case study (10%)
7 Impact of bushfires and floods on environments and communities  
8 Create and present visual display around one major Australian flood or bushfire (20%)

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