Year 6 Humanities & Social Science

Course and Assessment Overview 2019

Week Content Assessments

Term 1


Revision to Democracy

Key institutions of Australia’s government based on the Westminster system

2 Present a visual display explaining Australia’s Westminster system-based government structure Visual display (15%)

The roles and responsibilities of the three levels of government

Determine sole and shared jurisdictions

4 Procedures for shared responsibilities within the 3 levels of government Summary (5%)
5 How laws are initiated and passed through Federal parliament  
6 Publish flowchart explaining the proceduring of introducing new bills Flowchart(10%)
7 Australian Citizenship – rights and responsibilities  
8 Australian Citizenship – values  
9 Australian Citizenship – process  
10 Write a report on rights, responsibilities, values and the various pathways to Australian Citizenship Report (20%)

Term 2


Australia as a nation

Key figures, ideas and events that led to Australia’s Federation and Constitution

2 Impact of the Magna Carta document Summary (10%)
3 Australia’s system of law and its influences Summary (10%)
4 Key events in early Australian democracy  
5 Indigenous Australian status and rights  
6 Research and present persuasive writing piece addressing Indigenous rights Persuasive text (10%)
7 Migrants and the journey towards citizenship  
8 Significant migrant individuals in Australian society Biography (10%)
9 Migration patterns and demographics  
10 Migrants’ contributions to Australian society Report (10%)

Term 3


Introduction to Economics

Scarcity in markets

2 Factors affecting consumer and financial decisions Summary (10%)
3 Economic and financial tradeoffs  
4 Consumer purchasing decisions  
5 Survey factors affecting consumer purchasing decisions Survey analysis (20%)
6  Consumer actions and effects on the community Summary (5%)
7 Consumer actions and effects on the environment Summary (5%)

Why businesses exist

For-profit businesses

9 Not-for-profit businesses and organisations NFP profile (10%)

Term 4


Proximity of Asia in relation to Australia

Mapping major countries and cities in Asia

2 Comparing Australia to Asia with regards to economic, demographic and social characteristics Chart (10%)

Characteristics of developing nations

Economics, health, education

Summary (10%)
4 Cultural diversity and migration  
5 Sustainability of the environments in which Indigenous communities reside  
6 Indigenous communities around the world Indigenous communities annotated map (10%)

Australia’s connections with Asian countries

Trade, defence, tourism, aid, sport

8 Australian aid timeline Timeline (10%)

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