Year 7 Indonesian

Course and Assessment Overview 2019

Week Content Assessments

Term 1

About Indonesia,



Introduction to Course & expectations

Indonesia and culture

Where is Indonesia? Importance of Australian connection. Intercultural relations. Use of language.

Indonesian people and Indonesia life.


Aspects of personal and social worlds- Compare & Contrast pictures and cues.


Greetings & introductions.

Term 1 Activity Booklet (provided)

Times of day, Indonesian routines. Ways of greeting.

Kenalkan! (Let me introduce myself). Tetang saya (About me) Expressions of personal pro nouns – saya, kami, kita, dia, mereka. Formal and informal forms that reflect varying levels of politeness and familiarity.

Daily life (school). Intercultural understanding. Comparing a day in the life of an Indonesian student to my own.

Ethnic groups/ religious affiliation/generalisation & stereotypes about cultural groups.

New vocabulary on daily activities.


Drill vocabulary greetings and Introductions, word order, word recognition.

Where are you from? Where do you live?

A day in the life of Alice (digital media)

Imaginative text, themes, key ideas, values.

Focus- range of text, purpose of information exchange or social interaction.

Student response

4 Drill vocabulary greetings and Introductions Listening and Responding multi-choice test (5%)

About me’ Task 2 Introduction.

Age, year level, where I’m from, what school, eye colour, hair colour, height, hobbies


How old are you/ what year are you in?

Languages online – How old are you? Family members’ Interactive task 1, 2, 3, 4

Languages online – ‘Colours, Describing hair & eyes’ Interactive task

1, 2, 3, 5

+ Add new vocabulary

Work on ‘About me’ Task


Easter – Paskah

Introducing yourself. Class interactive.

Work on ‘About me’ Task

8 Assessment peer presentation and peer feedback About me (self- introduction) peer presentation and feedback (10%

Poster/Story board ‘A day in the life of…’

Daily task, chores, family, friends, greetings summary

10 Complete activity booklet and submit Completed Activity Booklet Term 1 (10%)

Term 2



Greetings/times of day/ Numbers

Languages online – Revise Greetings Interactive task 2. ‘Salam’

Languages online – ‘My name is’ Interactive task 1, 3, 4

+ new vocabulary

Greetings PowerPoint task introduction


Test. Reading and Understanding

Drill term vocabulary. Introduce new vocab

Work on Greeting task

Reading and Understanding writing test (5%)
3 Work on Greetings task
4 Work on Greetings task Greetings creative task (10%)

‘Salam’ Creative music activity

Indonesian music culture – Similarities / Differences

Music interpretation and translation

Pakailah mata! Tuning in stage. Watch for a) different ways of greeting (gestures), b) different Indonesian ‘icons’ that appear in the video, and c) different languages or visual language codes that are shown. Feedback and discussion.

‘Salam’ Cloze’


Test. Term vocabulary test

‘Salam’ continued..

Cultural context

Which language is which? Lyrics. Identify the language that is not Indonesian and discuss meaning and connections/relationship to Indonesian.

Term vocab test (10%)

Numbers – Learn new vocabulary. Drill & practice.

Quizlet ‘Mari kita bermain! Let Play!

Languages online Topic 3-5


 Numbers & Money– How old are member of your class? Language Online Topic 7. Class survey task.

Number bingo


Numbers & Money revision & Drill. Flash card drills.

Partner games / interactive activities number

10 Term revision QUIZ

This document is subject to revision. The Year 7 Scope and sequence can be found for Indonesian on the SCSA website.


Semester 2

Week Content Assessments

Term 3

Makan dan minum (Food & drink)


Indonesian food culture introduction

– Food life, religious background, family, location links.

– Types of food

– KWL chart (know/want to find out / learnt)

– Exploring MasterChef Indonesia


 Students view and discuss traditional Indonesian foods.

View video and food market. Types of food styles found in Indonesia.

Discuss importance of know how to engage with Language and ask questions.

Languages online Indonesian; Topic: 34 – Food vocabulary


 Daily food Differences and similarities in culture & regions of Indonesia. Eating times. Food Etiquette. Expressions.

Indonesian snack tasting (*Allergy aware)

Class survey of Indonesian food like/dislike

Introduce Food task ‘WarungKu’


Types of food outlets in Indonesia

Rumah makan cepat saji (fast food restaurants).

Where to eat and why? Fast food in Indonesia

Research food places in Indonesia.

Work on ‘WarungKu’ Task – Indonesian review writing


Work on ‘WarungKu’ Task

Education Perfect – Makanan (Food)


 Indonesian recipe writing.

Home task (shopping survey, Indonesian grocery food items). Food list item.

WarungKu (My restaurant) Task (10%)

Choose a recipe to cook and create at home and feedback (in Indonesian- * Students will have sample).

Research during class & find products

8 Finalise cooking feedback, spell check, peer review
9 Education Perfect – Makanan Test

Cooking Feedback (10%)

In class Test (5%)

Term 4

‘Di Rumah’ at home


Introduction to Indonesian living, homes, what do tradition houses look like? Viewing and responding.

Cultural etiquette when visiting an Indonesian home

Di Rumah – At home

Rooms in the house, furniture Languages online topic 35


Introduce task ‘Rumah Saya- My house’

Plan and design

Indonesian dictionary translating


Work on Task ‘Rumah Saya-My house’

Use digital technology for references and media.

Indonesian dictionary Translating.


Finalise and submit ‘Rumah Saya’

Education Perfect Set in class task – ‘Rumah’

‘Rumah Saya- My house’


5 Speaking and listening – peer presentation of ‘Rumah’ & peer feedback

(Peer presentation ‘Rumah’ & peer feedback)



Vocabulary Drill, Revise. Review topics.

Classroom interactive consolidate learning and speech practice.

7 Term Test. Test (5%)

 Natal – Indonesian Christmas. Indonesian celebrations. Share/compare aspects of culture that affect communication. How does culture impact on language use during Christmas season. Christian celebrations & Christmas.

Basket weaving – Village house tradition – craft

9 Natal – Indonesian Christmas craft

This document is subject to revision. The Year 7 Scope and sequence can be found for Indonesian on the SCSA website.