Year 8 Indonesian

Course and Assessment Overview 2019

Week Content Assessments

Term 1

About Indonesia,



Introduction to course & expectations

Indonesia and culture

Where is Indonesia? Importance of Australian connection. Intercultural relations. Use of language.

Indonesian people and Indonesia life.

Respect/honour for cultural difference.


Aspects of personal and social worlds- Compare & Contrast pictures and cues.


Greetings & introductions review.


Term 1 Activity Booklet (provided)

Introduction to transport > Languages Online Topic 32

-Context of modes of transport in Indonesian, how people travel/modes. Cultural reference & links.

– Assessment task introduction ‘Pameran Ruang Kelas (research project) Transport


Drill vocabulary greetings and transport, word order, word recognition. Sentence structure.

Education Perfect Language practice.

>Languages Online Topic 32 No.2- Transportasi

– vocab list translated

– transport examples – ‘Saya naik sepeda ke sekolah jam delapan’ I ride my bike to school at 8am’

Research project task


Drill vocabulary. Education Perfect Language practice.

’Saya punya’ transport cardsclass interactive.

Translating – speaking about modes of transport sentence order. Describing/referring to past, present, future. Eg- kemarin saya naik mobil (yesterday I used the car). Hari ini saya jalan kaki (today I walked). Besok saya naik ferry (tomorrow I will take the ferry)


Mini Test – (naming mode of transport/ respond to questions)

Language Online topic 32. # 4 ‘Train schedule’ –

Research project task

Mini Test (5%)

Languages Online topic 32. #5 – Train Schedule Partner Activity

Research project task


Viewing – LLS (Language Learning Space) Modes of transport

Analyse idea and information related to personal and social world. Context/purpose/intended audience.


Finalise research project and submit.

Traveling to Indonesia for a holiday. Liburan Saya (my holiday)

Pameran Ruang Kelas (Research Project) Transport


9 Travelling to Indonesian for a holiday. Liburan Saya (my holiday) continued  

Complete activity booklet and submit

Education Perfect language practice

Completed Activity Booklet Term 1 (10%)

Term 2

Di Pasar (at the market)


 At the market

Cultural context and the market place

Market Vocabulary

Language Online Topic 34


Indonesian market place

Video. Similarities/differences and comparison.

Cultural practices, awareness of importance of shared understanding and reflecting on adjustments made. Reactions and responses.

Currency (Indonesian money template)

Word fluency, translating, structure of sentence ‘classifiers’

Intro bargaining ‘role play’ assessment

Cultural response task (5%)

Currency continued

Education Perfect interactive task – At the market

Buying and Selling at the market

Work on Role play

At the market Interactive task (5%)
4 Work on Role play task  
5 Class role plays Bargaining role play (15%)

Numbers & currency – Learn new vocabulary. Drill & practice.

Quizlet ‘Mari kita bermain! Let Play! – Money and number

Education Perfect language practice


The Indonesian market scene

LLS (Language learning space)


Numbers & Money revision & Drill. Flash card drills.

Partner games / interactive activities.

Language Online Topic 33 – Shopping for stationary. ‘Di Toko alat sekolah’ (At the school store) script


Shopping for stationary market continued..

Items for sale.

 ‘Di Toko alat sekolah’ script

10 Term revision QUIZ  

This document is subject to revision. The Year 8 Scope and sequence can be found for Indonesian on the SCSA website.


Semester 2

Week Content Assessments

Term 3


Music and culture

Introduction to pop culture, traditional, cultural specific.

Christian artist in Indonesia.

Significant song of political change. Song list

  • dentitas diri (personal identity)
  • nationalisme dan patriotisme (nationalism and patriotism)
  • keberagaman Indonesia (Indonesian diversity)
  • persatuan dan kesatuan (unity)
  • percaya diri (self-worth)
  • kelestarian dan peduli lingkungan (environmental care protection and sustainability)
  • perdamaian dan kedamaian (peace and harmony)
  • anti-perundungan (anti-bullying)
  • cinta/sayang (love )

Raya Indonesia ‘Song’

2  Raya Indonesia cont..– meaning and context. Imaginative text reflect Indonesia cultural values or experience/ Language, mood, build action, character and position of audience.  

Indonesian Idol and pop singer – Cultural identity connected to Indonesian country through music.

Song lyric and translations

‘SALAM’ (Greetings) song.

bersalaman/greetings, nasionalisme/nationalism, perdamaian dan kedamaian/peace and harmony

  • ter– superlative
  • ber – verb
  • ke-an abstract noun

‘SALAM’ continued.. Intercultural understanding

Creative music activity

Indonesian music culture – Similarities / Differences

Music interpretation and translation

 Pakailah mata! Tuning in stage. Watch for a) different ways of greeting (gestures), b) different Indonesian ‘icons’ that appear in the video, and c) different languages or visual language codes that are shown. Feedback and discussion.

‘Salam’ Cloze’

Cloze (5%)

 ‘Salam’ continued..

Cultural context

Which language is which? Lyrics. Identify the language that is not Indonesian and discuss meaning and connections/relationship to Indonesian.


 Test – Intercultural

Intro ‘Jogja Love Story’ Research task

Research activity Jogjakarta in Indonesian. Landmarks, places.

Intercultural test (5%)

‘JOGJA LOVE STORY’ > tourism, art and history of Yogyakarta (social and cultural); teenage ‘love’

Research task ‘ Jogja Love Story’

8 ‘JOGJA LOVE STORY’ continued ‘Jogja Love Story’ Research Task (15%)

Aku Bosan! (I’m bored!) Song

Perasaan pribadi/Personal feelings

Intercultural understandings


· Hierarchical society in Indonesia

· Values, morals and ethics


Term 4

Di Hutan! In the forrest. Deforestation and sustainability in Indonesia.


Introduce Alice inanimate. Travel journal to Jakarta and Kalimantan ( )

Literacy skill of reading, writing, talking and listening. Development of digital information literacies for progress and prosperity link to Indonesia.

Listening and responding

Multi-modal text

Familiarization of context and culture.

*Grocery shopping game APP Intro ‘Ethical Grocery Shopping Research Task’ to work on


Language predictions – Alice Section 3

Research 7 prediction of deforestation in Indonesia

*Grocery shopping game APP


Threats to future plant – Specific to Indonesia. Alice section 4 – Language literacy skill

*Grocery shopping game APP


Palm Oil in Indonesia

Video and Cloze – Multi-modal text information and reflecting

Palm Oil Cloze (5%)


Empathy, Citizenship, social responsibility, global citizens.

Global impact of deforestation in Indonesia.

Conflict Palm oil impact on Indonesia


‘Swap this for that’ Class activity


Class interactive – research outcome

Problem solving – Embedded virtual game > puzzle solving and building language exercise.

Ethical Grocery Shopping Research task (20%)

Term revision

Future implication on Indonesian rainforest.

Importance of language relationship Australia with Indonesia. Advocacy for change/sustainability.


 Natal – Indonesian Christmas. Indonesian celebrations. Share/compare aspects of culture that affect communication. How does culture impact on language use during Christmas season. Christian celebrations & Christmas.

Basket weaving – Village house tradition – craft

9 Natal – Indonesian Christmas craft  

This document is subject to revision. The Year 8 Scope and sequence can be found for Indonesian on the SCSA website.