Year 9.2 English

Course and Assessment Overview 2019

Week Content Assessments

Term 1


Overview and Introduction to the year.


Understanding that Australian English is a living language that is continually evolving and changing. Where did it come from and where is it now?

Investigate modern Australian slang.

Latin and Greek roots

2 Poetry

PAT Testing

Task 1: Poetry Assignment Given



Introduction to poetry focusing on figurative language.

⦿ How can meaning be implied through metaphor, allusion and evocative vocabulary.

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

⦿ Identify how vocabulary choices contribute meaning, style and voice in poetry.

Cherry Wine by Hozier

The Surfer by Gwen Harwood


Revisit essay structure (TEEL).

⦿ Continue in class time of poetry assignment.

5 Receive Poems “Deer Hit” by Jon Loomis and “Barn Owl” by Gwen Harwood.

Task 2: Response (In class Essay)


6   Poem Due

Short story

⦿ The Pedestrian Ray Bradbury

⦿ Lamb to the Slaughter Roald Dahl

⦿ Dystopian short story

⦿ The last spin – Evan Hunter

Task 3: Write a short story.


Term 2


Novel Text: Hatchet

Introduce the text.

• Students research DRSABCD

• Discuss divorce the damage it can do to children.

Naplan Preparation

2 Naplan Preparation  

Unit 4 – Informative article

Unit 12 – Persuasive article

Bear Grylls – How can we survive the wild.

⦿ Discuss the importance of human connection. Do we need to connect to survive?

Task 4: Write an informative article about the events of Hatchet.



Survival texts

⦿ Themes

⦿ Somali pirate article

⦿ Film – Hunt for the wilderpeople

⦿ Aaron Ralston – article

⦿ SWAT conventions

7 Exam preparation  
8 Exam

Task 5: Exam (Essay about the characteristics of a survivor)


9 Persuasive language  

Term 3


Persuasive language

⦿ Conventions of speech

⦿ Cultural

⦿ Australian speeches

⦿ Aboriginal cultural studies – Artworks history

⦿ Famous speeches

Task 6: Prepare and perform a speech.



Global perspective

⦿ Globalisation

⦿ Students examine contrasting views about globalisation and gain insight into its positive and negative impacts.

⦿ Cultural perspective – analysis of the construction and interpretation of texts



⦿ Pun

⦿ Parody

⦿ Stereotypical characters

⦿ Image and sound in literary texts

⦿ Poetry

⦿ Imagery

Task 7: ICT assessment/ Hybrid text


Term 4


Novel Study – Alex Rider Book 1 – Storm Breaker

Excel Unit: Narrative texts


Narrative structure

Supplementary texts (TBA)


Oral presentation preparation

Using Powerpoint.

Time keeping.

Creating a palm cards.

Task: Oral Presentation (Alex Rider)


5 Essay Structure.

Task 9: Essay Response to Alex Rider



A year in summary – what couldn’t we do – what can we do now? Preparing for an unseen text.


Comprehension activities.

Short answers responses.


Exam Preparation

Essay Structure

8 Exam Task 10: Exam (10%)