Year 11 ATAR English Unit 1 & 2

Course Outline 2019

Week Content Assessment

Term 1


Introduction to ATAR English – Students must be aware of SCSA website.

⦿ Texts – Romeo and Juliet

⦿ Unit overview and class expectations

⦿ Close study of Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet

⦿ Close study of Romeo and Juliet

⦿ Conventions – structure of a tragedy

⦿ Consider meaning and how it is shaped through relationships of language, text, purpose, context and audience.

⦿ Elements of a drama text

⦿ Relationships and identity

⦿ The Director’s use of language to position the audience.

⦿ Explore the way language is used to present ideas and how this varies among particular fields, genres and discourses.

⦿ Representation

⦿ Use of appropriate metalanguage

Task 1 – Due Week 6 Responding – 5%

Oral Production

(Romeo and Juliet)


Feature Films

⦿ Film text – The Book Thief

⦿ The world and human experience

⦿ Representation

⦿ Literary device – Voice

⦿ Film reviews – articles

⦿ Film posters

⦿ Feature articles

Task 2 – Due Week 8



Create a feature article that positions an audience to respond in a particular way.


Animal Farm

⦿ Introduce text and background

⦿ Novel study

⦿ Students to read and watch Animal Farm before Term 2

Term 2


Animal Farm

⦿ Close study of Animal Farm

⦿ The world and human experience in the text

⦿ Critically examine the effect of stylistic choices in texts and the ways in which these choices position audiences for particular purposes, revealing and/or shaping attitudes, values and perspectives.

Task 3 – Due Week 3


In-class essay

(Animal Farm)

4 Exam Review No assessments due
5-6 Examinations Exam

Novel Study

⦿ Text – Looking for Alibrandi

⦿ Purpose, context and audience

⦿ Investigate how text structures and language features communicate ideas and represent people and events in a text.

⦿ Identify and critique attitudes, values, and beliefs associated with particular representations

⦿ Monolgues

⦿ Pre-writing, planning and drafting

⦿ Supplementary texts TBA

Task 5 – Due Week 10

Create – Monologue

Students research, write and then present a monologue of a ‘voice’ from a different context. The ‘person’ that is presented can be a character from the novel, a real person or an imaginary person based on research.

Term 3



⦿ Film text – The Cove

⦿ Non-fiction documentary

⦿ Narrative and film conventions

⦿ Film and documentary conventions

⦿ Documentary/ Hybrid text

⦿ Persuasive techniques

⦿ Conventions, genre, context, audience and purpose

Task 6 – Due Week 3

Create (In-class)

In a form of your choice, position an audience to respond in a particular way to the image provided.



⦿ Research toward a persuasive discussion regarding a similar environmental issue

⦿ Panel discussion conventions

⦿ Persuasive speech conventions

⦿ Introduce the idea of a central contention or premise within a spoken argument

⦿ Persuasive speeches – annotated as a class.

⦿ Speeches

⦿ In a whole-class mock ‘Environmental Convention,’ students present a persuasive speech to their peers designed to present their given country’s disposition regarding the environmental issue.

Task 7 – Due Week 5


Persuasive speech – Create a persuasive speech on an environmental issue of your choice.

In-class mock environmental convention

Delivered in-class.


Novel Study

⦿ Text – Ender’s Game

⦿ Analysis of ideas and identity in text.

⦿ Consider how imaginative, interpretive and persuasive elements are used across a range of text types. Analyse changing responses to texts over time and in different cultural contexts.

⦿ Review structure of expository essays

Task 8 – Due Week 9


In class essay (Ender’s Game)

Term 4


Film study – Blood Diamond

Task 9 – Due Week 9


In class comprehension test (Blood Diamond)


Exam preparation

⦿ Study techniques

⦿ Layout of the exam

⦿ Revision of Exam

⦿ Revision of concepts from Unit 1 + 2 –Language, Ideas and Identity


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