Year 12 Media Production & Analysis Unit 3 & 4

Course Outline 2019


Week Content Assessment

Term 1


Intro and overview of course content and requirements. Syllabus, course outline, assessment outline, assessment tasks.

Define film art and aesthetic. Media institutions. Independent v Mainstream.

Media languages – System of communication, Narrative, codes and conventions

§ impact of funding on production and distribution

§ multiple plots, viewpoints and manipulation of narrative structure

Production – Major Institutions and independents

§ Independent producers operate within mainstream media institutions


Task 1: Practical (production)

Introduce the production task to students – Task 1A, 1B and 1C. Even though only one complete production task (Task 1C) needs to be produced, students will be required to complete the pre-production phase for two productions; one based on Unit 3 – Media art (Task 1A), and one for Unit 4 – Power and persuasion (Task 1B). After teacher consultation, the students will then decide the best one to produce.


Narrative, codes and conventions, Genres, Production and Audience Context. Auteur figures. German Expressionism. Animation. Experimental Film. Surrealism. Film Noir.

Analyse film and film history in the context of:

Media languages – narrative, codes and conventions

§ film aesthetics in different times

§ film techniques, codes and conventions used to challenge audience expectations


§ how media aesthetics construct representations

§ media as a vehicle to challenge representations

Audience – audiences

§ how media, cultural contexts and audiences values work together to make meaning

 Audience – subcultures

§ auteur figures and personal expression in film

Audience – media trends

§ changing audiences, expectations and values

Production – production contexts

§ comparing media aesthetics in different contexts and/or eras

§ values in the production and context and/or film eras

§ cultural influences that have contributed to changes in film

§ formal and informal censorship that impacts film content

Due Wk 6: Production 1A Art Film (Pre Production)

“Film Art” Produce an essay from findings under invigilated conditions.

Review Task 1B – Persuasive Documentary

Media languages – narrative, codes and conventions

§ persuasive techniques, codes and conventions

§ manipulating selection, emphasis and omission to construct point of view


§ comparing representations in media work

Audience – audiences

§ how media, contexts and audiences work together to make meaning

§ how media construct perceptions of issues or topics


Due: Task 2 : ‘Film Art’ Essay
9 Cultural context, values, attitudes and ideologies represented within the films.   

Complete Pre-production 1B.

Complete Task 3.

Due: Production 1B Power & Persuasion (Pre Production)

Due: Task 3 Film Styles

Term 2


Task 1C: Production

Students are to select either 1A or 1B pre-production plans, storyboard and/or script to produce for Task 1C: Short film production

2 Audience expectations and values. Auteur figures.  
3 Complete Response Task 4. Due: Response Task 4 –Short answer questions
4 Exam Preparation  
5-6 Written Exam Task 5 Task 5: EXAM 30%

Begin Task 6: Response



Complete response task 6.

Filming, production & editing

Due: Task 6 Report Global Issue

Term 3


Editing, post production effects, development of the individual documentation of production process (5 pages) ready for ATAR submission  
5 Task 1C Due. Complete with 5 pages for submission to ATAR Due: Production 1C Finished Film + 5 pages for external exam
6 Task 7: Extended question response

Due:Task 7: Response

Extended question

7-8 Exam Preparation  
9 Exam Exam 30%
Term 4    
1-3 Review Results and Examination Feedback  

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