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Why is Sleep so Important? Have you ever been awake at 3.00am in the morning, frustrated, unable to sleep? A third of adults in developed countries fail to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night (Walker, 2018). The effect of not enough sleep can be catastrophic. Not only does a lack … Read more

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Tips for Practising Self Compassion Have you ever blamed yourself or beaten yourself up for making a mistake or doing something you regret? It’s easy to be tough on yourself—we tend to do it much, much more than we realize. But what if there was a better way of dealing with this frustration and anger? … Read more

New Appointment for 2022 We are very excited to announce Kathryn Tupicoff’s appointment to the Head of Mathematics position at The King’s College for 2022. Kathryn is currently working at Court Grammar School, where for the past seven years, she has been the Mathematics Learning Coordinator, and she also holds the position of Year 11/12 … Read more

Self Compassion When people experience an interpersonal challenge or professional setback at work, it’s common to respond in one of  two ways. Either we become defensive and blame others, or we berate ourselves. Unfortunately, neither response is beneficial. Shirking responsibility by getting defensive may alleviate the feelings of failure, but it comes at the expense … Read more

Friday on The Green – Sept Senior music students regularly entertain lunchtime crowds to round off the week at The King’s College.

New Head of Year for 2022 We want to congratulate Angelique Watson, who is one of our much valued teachers on staff at The King’s College. Angelique has just been announced as a new Head of Year for Secondary, in 2022. Angelique will be a great addition to the awesome team of Heads of Years … Read more

New Head of Health and PE for 2022 We are excited to announce the new Head of Health & PE for 2022 is Mr Aidan Davies. Aidan has been on staff for 13 years at the college and is looking forward to driving the department’s continued growth.

Resilience – Part 4 Restored Resilience In the final article on resilience, we will talk about ‘restored’ or ‘learned’ resilience. Anyone can learn techniques that help build resilience and, as a result, restore the natural resilience we had as a child. Doing this can help us deal with past, present and future traumas in a … Read more

Resilience – Part 3 What does Resilience look like? In part three of our Resilience series, we are going to look at resilient behaviour. What is it, and how it operate in our life. Some characteristics of resilient behaviour include: Viewing setbacks as temporary, not permanent. Reframing setbacks as opportunities for growth. Recognizing cognitive distortions … Read more