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The Benefits of a Growth Mindset

Discover the benefits of a Growth mindset A growth is the understanding that abilities can be developed. Those with a growth mindset believe that they can become even more intelligent and talented by putting in … Read more


Motivation Motivation is so important, but there are times when we may not feel particularly motivated in a certain area of our life. To persist at anything, we need mechanisms in the brain that initiate … Read more

Giving is Good for You

Giving is good for you Christmas shopping can be exhausting and expensive, but research suggests it’s worth the trouble. New studies attest to the many benefits of giving for both the giver and recipient. Giving … Read more

Random Acts of Kindness

The Benefits of Random Acts of Kindness The phrase “Random Acts of Kindness” (RAK) is relatively well-known and shared worldwide. When you consider the times when you’ve practised random acts of kindness, what sort of … Read more


Kindness “How have you shown kindness to someone today?” “How has someone else been kind to you?” “Is kindness simply the act of being nice to someone, or is there more to it?” “Can a … Read more

Why is Sleep so Important?

Why is Sleep so Important? Have you ever been awake at 3.00am in the morning, frustrated, unable to sleep? A third of adults in developed countries fail to get the recommended seven to nine hours … Read more

Tips for Practising Self Compassion

Tips for Practising Self Compassion Have you ever blamed yourself or beaten yourself up for making a mistake or doing something you regret? It’s easy to be tough on yourself-we tend to do it much, … Read more

Self Compassion

Self Compassion When people experience an interpersonal challenge or professional setback at work, it’s common to respond in one of  two ways. Either we become defensive and blame others, or we berate ourselves. Unfortunately, neither … Read more

Resilience – Part 4

Resilience – Part 4 Restored Resilience In the final article on resilience, we will talk about ‘restored’ or ‘learned’ resilience. Anyone can learn techniques that help build resilience and, as a result, restore the natural … Read more

Resilience – Part 3

Resilience – Part 3 What does Resilience look like? In part three of our Resilience series, we are going to look at resilient behaviour. What is it, and how it operate in our life. Some … Read more

Resilience – Part 2

Resilience – Part 2 Are you a resilient person? The American Psychological Association defines resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of trauma or tragedy, threats or other significant sources of stress(Southwick … Read more

Resilience – Part 1

Resilience – Part 1 Resilience is sometimes described as the process of adapting and bouncing back quickly in times of stress. Stress can be in the form of family or relationship problems, serious health issues, … Read more