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Be Exceptional

Celebrating Achievers

Celebrating Achievers The recent College assembly was a great occasion to celebrate achievement within the college. Numerous students were called up to the stage and honoured for outstanding application or academic achievement within the classroom. Principal … Read more

PERMAnent Happiness – “M”

PERMAnent Happiness – “M” This is part four in the series of “How to enjoy PERMA-NENT Happiness”. The search for meaning and the need to have a sense of value and worth is an innate … Read more

PERMAnent Happiness – “R”

PERMAnent Happiness – “R” This is part three in the series of “How to enjoy PERMA-nent Happiness”. The ‘R’ stands for Relationships that encompass all interactions we have with our spouses, friends, family, colleagues, and … Read more

PERMAnent Happiness – “E”

PERMAnent Happiness – “E” This is part two in the series of “How to enjoy PERMA-NENT Happiness”. The last time we looked at the ‘P’ in PERMA, we examined the benefits of Positive Emotions.  The … Read more

PERMAnent Happiness – “P”

How to enjoy PERMA-nent Happiness Researcher Martin Seligman (2012) investigated what makes life worth living and how we might define and create wellbeing. He narrowed it down to five elements that can contribute to our … Read more

The Power of Optimism

Do you consider yourself to be a pessimistic or an optimistic person? How we make sense of and handle things in life has a lot to do with how positive we are.  Fortunately, this aspect … Read more

What Causes Burnout?

What Causes Burnout? We live in an interconnected digital world that supposedly makes us smarter, faster, and more effective. However, greater digitisation also creates isolation, and our connection to other humans and nature is quietly … Read more

Positive Pyschology

Positive Psychology For many years, the prime focus of psychology was to diagnose and treat people with mental health problems and psychopathological issues. In other words, there was always some negative problem that required fixing. … Read more

Should You Limit Your Child’s Media Use?

Limit Your Child’s Media Use? When the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a massive shift to online learning, it was clear that students would be spending much more time in front of screens than they had in … Read more

Transferable Skills

Development of Transferable Skills AWhen students reach high school, understandably, they start to question what and why they are learning. I often have students ask, “When will we ever use this?” and that is a … Read more

‘Sleeping Enough?

Are Students Getting Enough Sleep? Last year, a group of academics from 15 countries found that the stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19 could have long-term impact on children’s sleep, physical activity, and screen time. … Read more

Why Do I Feel Like This?

WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS? Have you ever had an experience where out of nowhere your mood just suddenly changes (sad, mad, glad, hopeful, anxious, excited, depressed)? You have asked yourself – “why am … Read more