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College Houses

College Houses Overview


The College has four houses (factions): Booth, Graham, Elliot and Carmichael. 

Staff are assigned a house. Families are assigned a house upon enrolment and all children from the same family are assigned to the same house for the duration of their time at the College. Students accumulate points for their house during the year in many ways, including through participation in sporting events and earning of EPS points.

The College houses are based on the Wordless Book:

God created man in the Garden. Green

When man was created, he was sinless, but he sinned. 

Christ was sent from heaven, from the skies. Blue

He was the first missionary.

He shed His blood. Red

To make a way back to the Father in Heaven. Gold

House Names - Being God’s Exceptional College (BGEC)

B - Booth – Gold

G - Graham – Red

E - Elliot – Green

C - Carmichael – Blue


Catherine Booth worked in the cold, dark and eerie streets of London. Her ministry was based around helping the poor and pointing them towards their inheritance, the streets of Gold in heaven. Gold.

Mascot is the gold bulldog and the characteristics of both Catherine Booth and the bulldog are kind, courageous, protective and determined


Reverend Billy Graham was one of the world’s greatest evangelists whose message was “you can be saved”. Red

Mascot is the red eagle and the characteristics of both Rev Billy Graham and the eagle are smart, confident, visionary and high achieving


Jim Elliot’s ministry was in the jungles of Ecuador where he gave his life for his faith. Green

Mascot is the green crocodile and the characteristics of both Jim Elliot and the crocodile are passionate, intelligent, courageous and patient


Amy Carmichael was a missionary who travelled the seas. She lived in India for many years and rescued hundreds of ‘at-risk girls’ from abuse. Blue

Mascot is the blue tiger and the characteristics of both Amy Carmichael and the tiger are confident, determined, trustworthy and fearless

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