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Core Principles

The Core Principles that surround the values of The King’s College are:

Safety is vitally important for all of our students, our staff and our parents. We create an environment where there are no put
downs and no intimidation or bullying. Each student has a right to feel physically and psychologically safe. At The King’s College,
we uphold this value very strongly.

Service through timely and professional communication is a key component of the College’s aim to serve our parents and our community. We want to serve everyone better, that we might become a light to our community.

Culture is what we are known for. We develop culture by design, not by default. Culture is promoted by what we encourage,
what we tolerate and what we stand for. The King’s College is known for its culture of safety, culture of service and culture of
respect through adding value to everything we do.

Respect has to do with our relationships with each other. No matter what the situation is, each student, teacher, parent and
community member needs to operate and be treated in a polite and respectful manner.

Adding Value makes us exceptional. We want to do more for our parents and our students and go beyond the ordinary into
the extraordinary. We want to be known for being an exceptional College through our culture of adding value.