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Extracurricular Activities

At The King’s College we believe a student’s education is not just about Academics. The aim of education should be to develop an all-rounded student, including all developmental aspects: intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and moral capabilities. We believe a balance in all these aspects will benefit the child and enhance their time at the King’s College.

Studies have shown that students who participate in co-curricular activities have a marked improvement in their grades. This can be attributed to the skills they learn specific to the activity e.g. study clubs, or through their commitment to co-curricular activities, such as better time management to accommodate their hobbies, better organizational skills and a boost in their self-esteem. In all activities students will learn fundamental life skills. Such as leadership skills, teamwork, critical thinking and social skills. For students who may struggle to connect with their peers, we see extracurricular activities as a perfect way to meet and spend time with new people, forming new friendships along the way.

We hope to see all our student’s find a new interest through our program. For some it may just become a hobby, but for others it may provide the platform to build their future career.