Children, Family and Community studies 2019

Updated 20/02/2019

Assessment Outline 2019

Assessment Type Assessment Type Weighting Assessment Task Weighting Assessment Task Timing Assessment Task Description
Investigation 25% 10%

Term 3

Week 4

Task 6: Inequity and injustice issues

Locate, select, organise, present and evaluate information from primary and secondary sources to investigate an inequity or injustice issue experienced by individuals and/or families, and the concept of advocating.


Term 1

Week 9

Task 2: Growth and development – the theorists

Investigate a theory of growth and development and the relationship between growth and development for individuals and groups. Observe, predict, note and reflect on the behaviours associated with the theory.

Production 50% 15%

Term 2

Week 2

Task 3: Cultural celebration

Work collaboratively to produce resources and create an opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity within communities. Consider the impact of attitudes, beliefs and values on the management and use of resources, networks and support systems.


Term 1

Week 5

Task 1: Families in Australia – brochure

Implement self-management skills and produce a brochure to meet the changing needs of individuals, families and communities. In the development of the brochure, consider the concept of social cohesion, factors impacting on social cohesion within communities, cultural and economic and evaluating partnerships that promote sustainable patterns of living


Term 3

Week 9

Task 8: Advocacy project

Identify a local, state or national issue and, using primary and secondary sources, develop and produce an advocacy plan considering: the role of the advocate, types of advocacy, the aim of empowering others and the skills involved. Implement decision-making processes throughout the advocacy project.

Response 10% 5%

Term 2

Week 6

Task 5: Test – Principles of development

An in-class test based on the principles of development and domains of growth, and the relationship between the principles and domains for individuals throughout life.


Term 4

Week 4

Task 7: Test – Family changes

An in-class test based on the impact of change in family types and structures on communities, and the influence of government and community strategies, with consideration to social, cultural, environmental, economic, political and technological factors.

Externally set task 15% 15%

Semester 4

Week 1

Task 4: Externally set task

A task set by the SCSA based on the following content from Unit 3 – influences on growth and development of individuals and families, impact of attitudes, beliefs and values on the provision, management and use of resources, networks and support systems, evaluation of resources and support systems to address social issues and trends, aim and purpose of the Family Law Act 1975, the concept of advocating, influences on growth and development of individuals and families.

Total 100% 100%    

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The Year 2019 Syllabus for Children, Family and community studies can be found on the SCSA website:


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