Year 12 General Health Studies

Assessment Outline 2019

Assessment Type Assessment Type Weighting Assessment Task Weighting Assessment Task Timing Assessment Task Description
Inquiry 20% 10%

Term 1

Week 6

Task 1: Inquiry presentation on the issue selected that is of concern for individuals or the community

Term 2

Week 10

Task 5: Community development agency and program profile
Project 40% 20% Term 2 Week 2 Task 3: Health promotion project
20% Term 3 Week 9 Task 8: Complementary health care project
Response 25% 10%

Term 1

Week 10

Task 2: Health belief model
5% Term 3 Week 5 Task 7: Development and implementation of a survey to find the health concerns of young people in the community
10% Term 3 Week 3 Task 6: Letter to the Minister of Health regarding concerns of young people in the community
Externally Set Task 15% 15% Term 2 Examination Period Task 4: A written tasks or item or set of items of one hour duration developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, based on the content from Unit 3 and administered by the school.
Total 100% 100%    

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The Year 12 Syllabus for General Health Studies can be found on the SCSA website: