Year 12 Visual Arts (General)

Units 3 and 4

Updated 26/2/19

Assessment Outline 2019

Assessment Type Assessment Type Weighting Assessment Task Weighting Assessment Task Timing Assessment Task Description
Production 65 % 15%

Week 8,

Term 1

Task 1A inspirations

Produce a body of work through exploration of drawing of birds, fish & animals, using mixed media with inspiration from artists.


Week 5,

Term 3

Task 4A Investigations

Produce a body of work through explorations of the landscape & media & contemporary & earlier artists

  17.5 %

Week 4,

Term 2

Task 1B Inspirations

Production of 3 drawings of a bird, fish & animal.

Art forms in this unit include: drawing, design and various media.


Week 8,

Term 3

Task 4B Investigations

Production of a Landscape, developed through drawing, design & mixed media.

Critical Analysis


10% 5% Week 6, Term 1

Task 2 inspirations

Use a critical analysis framework to compare & comment on artworks, relevant to the drawing/style experience & make informed judgments.


Week 10,

Term 2

Task 5 Investigations

Use a critical analysis framework to comment on artworks of Landscape artists, relating to media selection factors.



10% 5%

Week 1,

Term 2

Task 3 Inspirations

Compare & contrast personal style in artists’ drawing of

birds, fish & animals. Discuss the development of style.


Week 2,

Term 3

Task 6 Investigations

Research the history of mixed media use that has compelled the landscape artist to find meaning & personal style to the Landscape artwork. Discover whether there is any evidence of style or technique change to their culture.

Externally set task 15% 15%

Week 4-5,

Term 2

Task 7 Externally Set Task

A written task or item or set of items of one-hour duration developed by the School Curriculum & Standards Authority & administered by the school.

Total 100% 100%    

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The Year 12 Syllabus for Visual Arts can be found on the SCSA website: