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Jesus is love

Have you heard of the chapter of love in the Bible? The chapter is found in 1 Corinthians 13 and is written by the Apostle Paul as a letter to the church who lived in Corinth. The purpose of his letter to Corinth was to encourage them to live their lives in the footsteps of Jesus. Paul urged them to be different to the rest of the city.  As Christians they were called to stand out and to show love to everyone around them. 

In chapter 13: 4 -7, Paul gives the church of Corinth 16 characteristics of what love should look like as a follower of Yeshua. These characteristics are as follows:

  1. Love is patient 
  2. Love is kind 
  3. Love does not envy 
  4. Love does not boast 
  5. Love is not proud 
  6. Love does not dishonour others 
  7. Love Is not self-seeking
  8. Love is not easily angered 
  9. Love keeps no record of wrong
  10. Love does not delight in evil 
  11. Love rejoices in the truth 
  12. Love always protects 
  13. Love always trusts 
  14. Love always hopes
  15. Love always perseveres
  16. Love never fails 

Paul encourages the church of Corinth to pursue love in everything they do because without love anything we do for God is pointless (verse 1-3). As disciples of Jesus who live in the 21st century, the command to love others still applies to us. Jesus calls us to love our best friends and worst enemies. Jesus wants us to be patient and kind towards everyone and not to envy what we don’t have or boast about what we do have. Instead, Jesus wants us to rejoice in the truth, protect those who are vulnerable and to never give up on loving others. 

Reread the 16 characteristics, but this time replace the word love with “Jesus”. 

The beautiful thing about Jesus’ command for us to love other is He set the example for how we are ought to love others.

 Jesus is the personification of love itself. 

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