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King’s Worship Academy

The King’s College has a mandate to raise up a new generation of strong and devoted creative artists; people who will sing, perform and write songs, lead worship and live life in a way that makes a positive impact on the world for God.

KWA is an initiative of The King’s College and is open to churches, artists and worship teams all over Perth. Accredited by the government, this program runs twice a month on a Monday night with the aim of equipping people who are passionate about God and music with the skills to be effective in their creative ministry. It offers a Cert II, III or IV in Music Industry for worship leaders, singers, musicians and production teams.

This one year program will make a significant difference in the way worship leaders and artists from all across our city use their talents for God. Many churches have commented on the blessing the academy has been in enhancing their worship ministry. For more information please go here https://kingsworshipacademy.com.au