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Early Learning Centre

The Early Years – Pre Kindergarten to Pre School

Learning Experiences

Each student entering the College comes with a variety of learning experiences and these are drawn together to create and enhanced a confident start for your child’s education. Developing strong foundations in these beginning years, using wholesome Biblical concepts in each subject area and apply life skills both at The King’s College and at home. We place great emphasis on getting the children reading, writing and using numeracy straight away. It’s a priority that we also provide educational experiences that cater for the individual needs of each student at the College.

Stimulating Environment

As the gateway to your child’s education, The Early Learning Centre provides a stimulating environment where children are introduced to routines and learning habits, which will stand them in good stead for the future. Teachers welcome each pupil, building knowledge, skills and basic understandings across the curriculum.

Confidence Building and Collaboration

These are important years for developing confidence and facilitating a positive self-esteem. Students in these early years are learning greater independence and the ability to work collaboratively with others. Excellent teachers are an irreplaceable advantage and time is spent ensuring the best possible start for each pupil.