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Make A Complaint

The King’s College complaints handling system is a procedurally fair process and consistent with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. Further, processes for complaints and concerns are child focused and implementation of the National Child Safe Principles is regularly reviewed and improved.

The Director General of the Department of Education is responsible for ensuring that the school observes the registration standards, including the standard about its complaints handling system. Any student, parent or community member is entitled to contact the Director General with concerns about how the school has dealt with a complaint. Information is available on the Department of Education website16. While the Director General may consider whether the school has breached the registration standards, she does not have power to intervene in a complaint or override the school’s decision.

At The King’s College, we welcome feedback from everyone as it lets us know how we’re doing and gives us the opportunity to improve our services for you.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services and your feedback helps us to continually review and improve our service delivery.

When can you give us feedback and make a complaint?

You can give us feedback about any part of our service at any time. We like to know when we’ve done things well or we can do things better or even just some general feedback you like to give us, it all helps us.

Your Rights in relation to feedback and complaints:

At The King’s College, we respect everyone’s right to:

  • Provide us with compliments, comments and complaints and for us to respond to this as an opportunity for input and improvement;
  • Know what to expect and when;
  • Be treated respectfully, authentically, confidentially and compassionately;
  • Continuation of professional interaction with the organisation;
  • Not be forced, threatened, bribed, or discouraged from lodging a compliment, comment or complaint when you have expressed a wish to do so;
  • Processes and decisions that are balanced, fair and just;
  • Be supported, including being supported by an Advocate;
  • Appeal and have an independent

Using this form

You can use this form to:

  • Compliment a service or staff
  • Make a complaint if you are unhappy about the service you have
  • Make a comment or suggestion about how we can improve our

Complaints and Feedback

  • Tell us about your complaint.

  • :


To download the Complaint Form, Click Here