Hi welcome to the first edition of the Principal’s MIC. Where MIC, M I C stands for motivate, inform and celebrate life at the King’s College. I’m Orlando Dos Santos and enjoying the grounds here at the King’s College. In this video, I’m going to share personal thought about how we can live better lives for God. I look back to celebrate some of the good things that have happened in the life of the college and update you on some important things that are coming out. If you have failed, felt weak, got knocked down, the quote from this fortnight’s college diary is from DL Moody. And in it he says real true faith is man’s weakness leaning in God’s strength and from legendary coach Vince Lombardi who said. It’s not whether you get knocked down it’s whether you get it back again. I’ve been knocked down lots of times and I’m sure you have to. But in God’s strength. I keep getting up. God loves you and no matter what you’re going through I know you will help you through. I want to congratulate all the houses who participated and she had so valiantly at the inter-house swimming carnival last week and also say well done to all our wonderful students who behave so well throughout the events of the day. We really did have a fun time in and out of the pool. I hope everyone also enjoyed their four day midterm break and there’s another one coming up in June. It was just so nice to take a break and spend time with family and friends and take the opportunity to recharge and rest of the town.

Coming up on Friday the 15th of March we have the A.S.C. inter-schools swimming carnival where all our students from Year 7 to 12th with its own well in our school swimming carnival. This event is a gathering of Christian and Catholic schools from around the state. We wish our students well and now they will be great ambassadors to the college. We have assemblies coming up on Thursday and Friday. This will be the first opportunity for the students to win some great prizes as part of new exceptional points system or EPS. As a college, we are focused on nurturing student strengths and abilities. We want to acknowledge the positive attitudes and behavior of our students so we have implemented the EPS, the Exceptional Point System and we will be actively looking to see if your child is doing good. It is definitely a very exciting time to be part of the King’s College and we know that as we go on this journey together. Our students, our parents, our staff are going to find their exceptional and then go on to be all that God has called them to be. God bless you. See you soon. I’m Orlando Dos Santos.

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