Hi welcome to the next edition of the Principal’s MIC where MIC, M-I-C stands for Motivating, Informing and Celebrating life at the King’s College. I’m here in this beautiful auditorium at the King’s College. I’m Orlando Dos Santos. As we look at the quotes from this fortnight’s diary we’re reminded that a person only harvests what he plants. It’s the law of nature. If we plant apple seeds we’ll get apple trees. It’s the same with thoughts. If we plant negative thoughts or thoughts of anger it will influence who we become in the same way. If we plant thoughts of positivity creativity and empowerment we are more likely to succeed in life. That’s why I love what Henry Ford said and it’s on page 67 of our college diary. Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t you’re right. I want to congratulate all the students that represented the college at the ICC into school swimming carnival last Friday. You all did so well and you made us all proud. Well done. At our last assemblies we awarded the first round of the prizes to students who received EPS points during the fortnight. Now EPS stands for Exceptional Points System and as part of our initiative to acknowledge positive attitudes and behavior in our students. As a college we are committed to focusing on nurturing students strengths and abilities and the EPS is just one part of that. Next time you attend the assembly check out the prize table where you will see some of the awesome prizes our students can choose from when they win. Coming up this Thursday is Harmony Day for students in years K to 6. Harmony Day is all about inclusiveness respect and belonging for all Australians regardless of culture or linguistic backgrounds. As part of the day we will have a Nasi Goreng lunch as a fund raiser of which all proceeds will go to financially assisting our students who are going on the Indonesian mission trip this year. Then after lunch our primary students will enjoy a cultural dance performance from the Korean team. And following that some class activities focused on cultural diversity, unity and belonging. We also have the Kaboom percussion show coming to the college on the twenty eighth of March. During period seven for all our primary students the show is designed to inspire amaze and showcase the exciting possibilities of music through the fascinating world of percussion.

I’m looking forward to that. Students and teachers alike will be captivated by the unique brand of music combined with elements of juggling comedy to create an unforgettable experience that students will rave about. And they’ll also do a special rhythm masterclass for our creative club after school. Finally, on Thursday the 4th of April at 6p.m. We have listened to this our first open night for the year on these nights we’re opening the school to anyone who is looking for an exceptional school like ours for their children families will enjoy a beautiful supper here for myself and other key staff and receive a tour of the facilities. We’d like you to invite your friends your neighbors and your colleagues who have children who would like to benefit from a great school like ours where there’s great education and a great environment. Invitation fliers are available at reception. There is no doubt that God is doing and will continue to do right things in and through the King’s College. I want to wish you all God’s blessing on your life as you go into this week and I look forward to seeing you on campus sometime soon. God bless you. I’m Orlando Dos Santos and I want to thank the pianist in the background for playing for me. Thank you.

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