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MIC 35

The next edition of The Principal’s MIC Way where M-I-C stands for Motivating, Informing and Celebrating Life at the King’s College. I’m Orlando Dos Santos. This week’s diary quote is Leadership is action, not position. Donald H. McGann and said that and I’d like to take this opportunity of welcoming the new heads of learning area for next year. That’s Daniel O’Malley, head of press, Josh East, head of English, Nathan U. And Head of Math, and also Hudson Sabina, head of science. Today is Remembrance Day, and we will all stop for one minute of silence to remember and honor all those who died in the line of duty while fighting for our freedom. Also, as part of the community remembrance events, our music department will have the privilege of providing music at the Remembrance Day service at the RSL War Memorial in Kwinana. Last week we held our primary and secondary assemblies on Thursday and Friday. I want to congratulate all our students who received certificates and EPS awards all too well done to all our students who received EPS awards this year. I pray that they all continue to look for ways that they can excel in attitude and academics from the rest of the year. This week we have our wax athletic strike events for years 3 to six students. Our students will be competing against other Christian schools in four different events relay, running, shot put and turbo javelin. We wish all our students and we know that they will give their absolute best on the day. God bless you and I hope to see sometime soon on campus. I’m Orlando Dos Santos.

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