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PERMAnent Happiness - "R"

This is part three in the series of “How to enjoy PERMA-nent Happiness”.
The ‘R’ stands for Relationships that encompass all interactions we have with our spouses, friends, family, colleagues, and the community.
"Relationships" in the PERMA model refers to feeling supported, loved, and valued by others. Relationships are included in the PERMA model because humans are social creatures and positive interactions contribute to our wellbeing (Seligman, 2012).
There is evidence of this everywhere, and social connections become particularly important as we get older. Our social environments have been found to play a major role in preventing cognitive deterioration, and positive social networks contribute to better physical health among older adults (Siedlecki, Salthouse, Oishi, & Jeswani, 2014).
Many people have a goal of improving relationships with those they are closest to. For example, research has demonstrated that sharing good news or celebrating success cultivates strong bonds and better relationships (Siedlecki et al., 2014). Additionally, responding enthusiastically to others, particularly those with whom we are close, increases intimacy, wellbeing, and life satisfaction.
How to build relationships:
1. Join a group or club that interests you.
2. Ask questions of the people you don’t know well to find out more about them.
3. Create deeper friendships with people you are just ‘acquainted’ with.
4. Get in touch with people you have not spoken to or connected with in a while and begin building a friendship.