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Science Week

Robotics and Mechatronics

This week the students in the primary school were lucky to be part of a Robotics Incursion.

Edgy X- a robotic and STEM education company hosted this incursion and brought along several types of robots for students to dabble with and learn how these robots are operated.

One particular group of robots called The Mars Rover were an ultimate favourite among all age groups because of its cute features and arachnid like properties.

This robot is also a scaled down version of the actual Mars Rover launched by NASA.

Engineering Club

Last term our young engineers embarked on their first problem based project where they were tasked with creating a sensory element to the Kindy and Pre Primary play area. They interviewed the relevant teachers and students and worked together to form BOB.

BOB is a sensory robot which engages young children to develop their fine and gross motor skills through a variety of mechanism.

Every element on BOB was created and crafted by our young engineers under the watchful guidance of Mrs Quinn.

If your child is interested in joining the Engineering Club, please contact sumitaq@tkc.wa.edu.au