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The King’s College Culture

Are you looking for the best quality of life for your child? Whether you’re a family looking for an exceptional, affordable and caring education or when you’re an existing family, The King’s College can provide the quality of life you want. I live with a relentless hunger to serve others and help them achieve their dreams and goals and I have a model that I live by seeking to make others become successful. Many years ago, I had a debilitating stutter and had to retrain myself how to speak. I was driven by one question, What is some people from the same environment really make it in life and others damaged? What’s the difference and what can I do to make a difference. This has become my passion but what does this mean to you? As a parent, a prospective family or a student or a staff member, it means that I understand that our families have needs. They have dreams and goals and that through innovative thinking and creating ideas that make a difference, we as a college can help our students achieve their aspirations. I know how important it is as a leader to be approachable, open, and caring, so I seek to be a visible leader, demonstrating my commitment to helping our families on their journey, delivering results that matter to you. As a progressive educational leader with an unmatched curiosity and a deep understanding of students and their journey, I know how to find the point of engagement and deliver the best opportunities for students in a safe, caring and positive environment.

I believe that The King’s College already has a great culture of support and continuous improvement but through harnessing our framework of planning, structural systems and individual care, we’re dynamically positioned to give all our students, regardless of their background and future dreams the best chance of success. To help our students to achieve this success, our outstanding team have developed a disciplined approach to strategic planning, internal improvements, excellence in the way we do things, objective measurements of goals and accountability in delivering results. As a Christian School, The King’s College is a safe place where every child is valued. They are respected and they are given the practical, social, academic and spiritual tools to achieve their goals and discover who they really are.

That’s Exceptional! God Bless you. I’m Orlando Dos Santos.