Welcome to the next edition of the principal’s MIC where MIC M-I-C stands for Motivating, Informing and Celebrating life at this wonderful college, the King’s College. I’m Orlando Dos Santos. The quote from this week’s college diary is from Mary Crawley who says worry is a misuse of imagination.

We all have fantastic imagination. Let’s not misuse it by worrying. Last week we had our first assembly for Term 2 on Thursday and Friday. I want to congratulate all our wonderful EPS winners from this assembly. I’m so excited to see how students are receiving exceptional points for their behavior or academic achievement. And these numbers are growing so well-known to every student who has received points this year. You guys are champions. You’re my heroes. Coming up next week we have our next four day midterm holiday commencing on Friday 30 thirty of May. This is a great chance to take advantage of the extra day get away with the family come back refreshed and ready for the rest of Term 2. That’s four days off. On Thursday 12th and 13th of June, we have our peripatetic concert for all our primary and secondary students who receive private lessons. These two concerts will showcase our wonderful student’s talents and give opportunity for families to see all the great progress our students have made in the last year. If you have students who are receiving lessons or thinking about signing up for the lessons we’d love you to come along and enjoy the afternoons running times at 330 p.m. to 5 p.m. Both days commencing with afternoon tea. For more information contact the music department.

I pray for your family to be blessed as we near the halfway point for the year that you will continue to happen. Year. God bless you. I’m Orlando Dos Santos.