Hi. Welcome to the next edition of the Principal’s MIC. Where M-I-C stands for Motivating, Informing and Celebrating life at the King’s College. I’m Orlando Dos Santos the diary quote this week is the real opportunity for success lies within the person it’s all about preparation plus opportunity that equals success. Next week we have school photos for all students. Monday 12 August we are taking photos of Kin D,A. 2 years 7 to 12. And Friday 16th of August we are having photos of Kin D.B. and pre-prime read through two years six. Parents please take note of these dates and make sure your child’s uniform is clean and pressed ready for the wonderful photos on the day. In week 4 we have Book Week for students primary students have a character Dress Up Day with prizes with the best homemade costumes and an author will be visiting us. That’s Kristy Byrne. She will be doing some different sessions one of which is creative writing. Lastly coming up this month is the King’s got talent for years three two years twelve students start thinking about your items and parents. We have a competition coming up for you. A great challenge was so well supported by families we thought we would do another challenge. More information next week. Look out for that on the M-I-C. I’m praying for you and your family that you have a blessed and successful Term 3. I’m Orlando Dos Santos. God bless you.