Hi welcome to the holiday edition of the Principal’s MIC. I’m Orlando Dos Santos and MIC stands for Motivating, Informing and Celebrating life at the King’s College. What a great first term we’ve had at the college. We introduced the EPS point system which is part of our initiative to acknowledge positive attitudes and behaviors in our students. Our students have had so much fun picking their prizes at the assemblies each fortnight. In term one we offered over 30 extra curricular clubs which is the most we have ever offered in a term. These groups are so important because they contribute to the development of students critical skills as well as providing an opportunity to have fun and to learn soft skills like confidence self-esteem and social happiness. We also opened our new state of the art secondary complex which I’m sure all our secondary school students have enjoyed the term one. And, you know we all deserve a well-earned break and I’m enjoying spending time with my family as well as doing some fishing and other outdoor activities and being here at the beach as well. I pray that you savor this break together with your family and get to spend some time together doing the things that you really enjoy doing. God bless you. Have a great break. I’m Orlando Dos Santos.