Hi! Welcome to the second holiday edition of the Principal’s MIC. Where MIC stands for Motivating, Informing and Celebrating life at the King’s College. I’m Orlando dos Santos. And what a wonderful holiday I’ve had and I hope you enjoyed your break too. Term two starts in a few days on Tuesday the 30th April and I’m looking forward to another awesome term at the college.

Coming up on Thursday the second and the third of May which is Thursday and Friday, we have our Anzac services for all our students as part of the Anzac ceremony. We have a guest speaker from the local chapter of the RSL Kwinana. We will also have a special item from our creative team and the King’s College cadets will take part in the ceremonies laying a wreath at each assembly. All parents are very welcome to both assembly so I hope I see you. On Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th of May. We have our special Mother’s Day services and morning teas. Both services will include items and special videos and we’ll be honoring our moms in both services. At the conclusion, we’ll be hosting a morning tea for the moms from 9:35 to 10:35 and this will include refreshments loud music and a gift for every moms so invitations from these events can be obtained at the school reception and RSVP is essential. I hope you have a great last few days of the holidays. I certainly am and I look forward to meeting with you on campus next week. God bless you. Have a great term. I’m Orlando Dos Santos.