I am Orlando Dos Santos principal of the King’s College and here is the great Tie challenge. So I’m going to teach you how to tie a tie because many of us are now in the face of the year where we’re tying ties and we keep getting a bit confused about it so that’s what we do.

We get the tie and we take the long side and we that’s on the left hand side over there. So it’s a tie. Put it over your neck and we just have a very short bit on the right hand side like that. Now with the long side on the left hand side we’ve put it over the short side. Now we take the long side and we tuck it under. And we bring it through to the right hand side of the tie. Bring it down. And then what we do is we bring we change hands. We bring the long side and the triangle. And this is the tricky part. We’ve got to bring the tie over this spot here. What we need to do is also leave ourselves a little gap. So we’ve put our finger over there to create a little gap and pull it down like that. So what are we going to do very quickly again is we going to go through that but we are alongside on the left right side as a short side. Bring it over and you tuck it under any working with the long side. Then you bring the long side under the short side and over the top.

Now this is the tricky part where we have to pull the tie over the top. We have to leave ourselves a little gap because we’re going to beat the tie down through that little gap. We have created in there. And what we do is we beat the tie. This is a bit tricky. You can do it. And all we do is pull that down. Now here we have a beautifully tied tie. It’s a lovely triangle. I think it’s called winsome. And pull that up. Run it through to the top. Now would you take the tie off. Well you need to do is pull it through. Then take it right down the bottom and slip it over your head like that and hang it up to the next day. The next morning you bring it down to your head. You’ve got to do it first. Put the top button on.

It’s really important. Slip your tie over the top.

Pull a tie some tight beautiful tie knot will you call it down. And it looks fantastic. Now here we go. Why don’t we introduce the King’s College great tie competition where we give you as parents opportunities to tie your own tie. Take a film of it. Put it on Facebook and we’ll have a competition so you can tie the best tie. Now what do you need to do is tie a tie. Parents this is a great competition. In fact you can have a go at tying you and your child’s tie. And you know if your child is struggling with tying they’re on tie. I’ll type for them as long as they don’t take it off completely. Just slip it on slip it off because if they take it off completely. This is what happens. They slip it off and voila. Enjoy the great tie competition of the King’s College.