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The King’s College Board & Governance

The King’s College is governed by The King’s College Board, and managed by the Executive Staff of the College. Details about The King’s College Board are outlined below.

The King’s College Board has responsibility for:

  • School governance
  • Legal and registration compliance
  • Policy development
  • Goal-setting and long term planning
  • Selection, appraisal and pastoral care for the Principal
  • Political matters, marketing and public relations of the school
  • Finance: Developing Financial Master Plan, annual budget, fee structure, fund-raising policy and government grants
  • Industrial relations: provision of remuneration and conditions
  • Provision of land, buildings and other capital improvements
  • Maintenance and provision of resources and equipment
  • School Board delegates authority to the Principal to manage the daily operation of the College and the implementation of policy
  • The Constitution allows for up to eight appointed members on The King’s College Board in addition to ex officio members. Two of these Board Members are appointed by the Visitor.
  • The current Board includes members of various professions with skills in education, law, business, engineering, IT and theology. Members are selected by invitation and on the basis of their suitability according to The King’s College’s Vision, Mission, Values, and present and future needs.

The King’s College Board Committees include:

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee

Members of The King’s College Board

The Visitor
Dr JG (Gerry) McCoy

Board Members
Mr Keith Newby – Chair of Board
Mrs Joanne Thomas – Deputy Chair
Mr Uwe Thiel – Secretary
Mr Andrew (Richard) Pannell – Treasurer
Hon. John Gilmour QC – Board Member
Mr Rodney Pearson – Board Member
Ms Sarada Lee – Board Member
Mr Michael Becker- Board Member

Mr Orlando dos Santos – Principal
Mr Lachlan Chong – Business Manager