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Principal’s Welcome

It is a privilege to partner in the lives of students and parents knowing that we are providing exceptional care and outstanding opportunities for every student, every day. We encourage our students to dream big dreams and have a positive, empowering vision for their lives. We want to know God and partner with Him in achieving an exceptional future.

Some of the greatest needs that parents identify are the needs for their children to learn free from distraction and to feel safe. When students feel safe, their learning improves, parents are happier, and students grow in confidence. The King’s College provides a safe environment where there is zero tolerance of bullying, harassment and intimidation.

We have developed our vision for the College based on a foundation of respect. We have created a visual model called ‘The King’s Arrow” which is proudly displayed around the College. It identifies our focus on physical and psychological safety and customer service through adding value to everything we do.

Through the principles encapsulated in “The King’s Arrow” we provide our students with the organizational skills, vision, disciplines and motivation to catch every wave of opportunity that is presented to them. We build confidence through a culture of safety.

Parents want open, clear, consistent and timely communication on their child’s progress, academically as well as in behaviour. We will provide that through our culture of service. I invite parents and carers to contact the College so we may better assist you.

The King’s College is committed to helping all students, parents and staff live with a growth mindset. Together, we’ll take great strides towards the positive plan and future that God has for us.

The decisions we make today will create the conditions we enjoy tomorrow.

May God abundantly bless you and your family as you seek the best opportunities for yourself and your family.

Orlando dos Santos