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Principal’s Welcome

I look forward to taking over as Principal of the King’s College in 2021. I have worked in government schools, rural schools and Catholic schools and have experienced two new schools on their journey to full establishment. I am an experienced principal of nearly 20 years having held this position at Sacred Heart College, Sorrento and Santa Maria College, Attadale. Over the past three years I have been working as an educational consultant where I conduct school reviews, principal reviews, principal mentoring while also working with the Fogarty Foundation that supports schools from low socio-economic regions on a journey of academic and school improvement.

My educational philosophy focuses on the type of student who
graduates from the College. If a student graduates with outstanding final grades and marks that puts them well on the way to a career pathway, this is fine, but it is not enough. If our students graduate without a sense of compassion, a willingness to help others, a strong sense of social justice and a desire to improve our society, all of which are based on gospel values, then we have failed as an educational institution. It is as simple as that!

To achieve this vision, the school needs to be student focused and Christ centred. Students should be given every opportunity to become leaders in their school and their voice needs to be heard. They also need to be in an environment that promotes a love of learning and a belief that everyone can improve. Students need to become involved with the co-curricular life of the College and, as with their academic pursuits, they should work to the best of their ability. While gaining A grades will indicate success for some students, for many this will not be the case. If gaining a C grade was your best, then we are proud of you. Similarly, if being able to run all the way in trying out for the Cross-Country team was your personal best, then we are proud of you.

As teachers we never stop learning and our acknowledgement and demonstration of this promotes a culture of life-long learning at the College. I can still learn from the newly graduated teacher and they can learn from me. As principal, I need to work closely with all staff, both teaching and non-teaching to develop an environment whereby The King’s College becomes a sought after “school of choice” in the region. In my previous schools I have promoted the following four pillars that make up a holistic education: spiritual, academic, sporting and cultural. To achieve our vision for the future, we need to offer outstanding experiences for our students in each of these domains.

Having outlined some thoughts on students and staff, I now turn to the vital role of our parents. You are the primary educators of your children and the College staff will work closely with you on what should be an exciting journey for each child. While the working environment for many parents can limit involvement, it should never prevent “engagement” with the College. Knowing what is happening, understanding and supporting the high expectations of the College, giving feedback and feeling welcome on the campus, will further develop the strong sense of community that is essential for our future vision.

Best wishes and God bless

Ian Elder